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Book's content

  • Pain above your left eyebrow ... Exercise Nr.1
  • Pain above your right eyebrow ... Exercise Nr.2
  • Pain under your left eye ... Exercise Nr.3
  • Pain under your right eye ... Exercise Nr.4
  • Pain behind your head above your nape ... Exercise Nr.5
  • Pain in your forehead and on the upper side of your head ... Exercise Nr.6
  • Pain in the left side of your head ... Exercise Nr.7
  • Pain in the right side of your head ... Exercise Nr.8
  • Pain around your eyes ... Exercise Nr.9
  • Pain between your eyes ... Exercise Nr.10
  • How to avoid migraine & headaches
  • Basic knowledge for the nervous system.
  • Description of discovery

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Stop migraine

This book is intended for the whole world. It concerns everyone who has migraine, headaches, neuralgia, paresis, multiple sclerosis and generally neurological problems.It is useful to neurologists, physiotherapists, angiologists, oculists, dermatologists, cardiologists and generally to those who deal with pain in the face and in the head.

The quickest cure to stop migraine and headaches varies between 3 and 33 seconds.

This discovery took 3 years of research. It concerns 12 movements we have been doing daily since were born. Medication is not necessary to stop migraine and headaches.Anyone can stop migraine and headaches whenever he wants to.People in different professions, such as pharmacists, engineers, drivers, dentists, businessmen, etc. who had grown weary of taking medication, on doing the exercises realized that something amazing was happening.It seems unbelievable and yet it is true.It will not be long before this discovery becomes known throughout the world.No medication in the world has so far been able to achieve such rapid results as the movements described in this book.

  1. Maintain your neurological system in good condition by performing these exercises once per day as a precautionary measure.
  2. Those who have neuralgia, paresis and other neurorological problems should regard the exercises in this book as obligatory.In addition, they should from time to time pronounce the vowels (a, e, i, o, and the diphthong ou) opening the mouth as wide as they can.
  3. Those who have "dry eye", should first moisten their eyes with the medication recommended by their oculist, and later perform the exercises.
  4. Those who have hypertension or hypotension, should do the exercise that corresponds to the point which hurts, even before doing certain activities which require some kind of energy.
  5. Those who have multiple sclerosis, should perform all 10 exercises more often in order to prevent a deterioration in their condition.
  6. If the pain in the head is the result of a recent accident, burns or blows: then you should not do the exercises for as long as your doctor advices you not to.
  7. Those who cannot perform the exercises for various reasons, (as mentioned in the book) should regard the exercises as obligatorily if they do not wish to be in pain.
  8. Apply slight pressure to your ears with fingers for 1 minute so as to block out sound when there is buzzing in your head, and at the same time perform the exercise which corresponds to the point of pain in the head.

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